Innovate Cybersecurity Summit

September 9 - September 11


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The New Standard of Cybersecurity Education & Engagement

At IT conferences, Attendees scour talks for value, Vendors pitch blind & Hosts guess what you want & push an agenda. At InnovateCISOs guide content & Vendor engagement is built on our Reverse Expo Model & mutual compatibility.

Enough wasted time. We can do better.



You're here to learn. Innovate's sessions are led by security veterans and built with input from CISOs to ensure a schedule full of relevant, practical knowledge sharing.



You're here to make relationships. Innovate's Reverse Expo Model puts you in quick, painless one-on-one connections based on compatibility of needs & solutions.


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The centerpiece of Innovate is a series of Cybersecurity Educational Sessions built by and for CISOs from highly regulated industries like Finance and Healthcare.


Featured Speakers


Adam Gray

Few have ever made such a career out of saying “I told you so.” For decades Adam Gray has had a knack for identifying trends and threats in Cybersecurity. His advice is currently being followed in Fortune 500 companies across industries and countries.


David Parker

As the industry’s leading Pen Tester, David Parker has never failed to break into a network, His work has put him farther ahead of the curve of identifying and mitigating hacker toolsets than anyone, and has won international awards for being able to break into things.


Jon Poon

The man behind the curtain in hundreds of high-level engineering projects each year is Jon Poon. As an industry leader in advisory services, no one knows better than Jon Poon all the complicated ways compliance and security overlap in a modern network.

 We’ve built the summit of your dreams. Be part of it.